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Tech Tales - Women's Edition

Michelle Mahoney

Executive Director, Innovation, King & Wood Mallesons

Where were you born?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia. I am the eldest of two siblings.

What did you do before your current role?

I have always been interested in the intersection of law and technology from the commencement of career. I cut my teeth on the largest litigation matter in Australia back in 1989 which was the first significant litigation in AUS to use databases to manage discovery, evidence and transcripts. Since that time I have transitioned through a number of roles which all had elements of innovation at the heart of them.

There is nothing more engaging to me than designing the future.

Describe your current job.

I am the Executive Director of Innovation for KWM. In this role I am responsible for the strategy, leadership, design, education and execution of the firm’s innovation portfolio and capability.

Why did you get started doing this?

I have always been searching for better ways of working. I am naturally driven by making things faster, better or easier. I love finding new business, design or cognitive science elements to learn and apply for greater impact or outcomes. I am a huge fan of productivity hacks. My drive manifests itself through a role where my purpose is to take my law firm on a journey to a sustaining future.

Why do you feel this work matters?

There is nothing more engaging to me than designing the future.

Describe a moment you are proudest of in your career.

I am not really a moment in time person. For me it is the journey rather than the destination. I think the work we have done since 2015 on innovation many of the initiatives being bold and very varied. Resilience and tenacity are abundantly needed however when you do execute an idea and see it come alive and thrive that is a moment to pause, acknowledge, congratulate and then get on with the next big thing!