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Kira for Private M&A: 

Report on Sandbagging in 2015 Private Target M&A Deals


Kira can be used to create a searchable clause archive from any document set—including, for example, a law firm’s own archive of prior deal documents from its document management system.  This report illustrates how by analyzing the prevalence and variation in pro- and anti- sandbagging provisions, which can significantly impact the indemnification obligations in an M&A transaction.  

To create this report, we trained Kira to identify a set of commonly negotiated provisions from private M&A deals, using example language culled from publicly filed agreements from 2014 and earlier, and then deployed Kira on deals filed in EDGAR in 2015.

Download the study today to see the prevalence and variation in sandbagging provisions in 2015 M&A agreements. In addition, you will learn how Kira can be used to create your own clause bank from your firms' prior deal documents.