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DiligenceEngine Featured in The ABA Journal

by: Noah Waisberg | Nov 30, 2014 7:59:04 PM
2 min read

Victor Li did a nice piece on us in the November edition of the ABA Journal. It includes description of what our automated contract review system does, a user story, as well as comments from another vendor who apparently plans to launch a rival contract provision extraction system. News to us.

Regarding new entrants into the contract review software market, we expect to see more companies getting in to this market (see, e.g., this August 2013 post I did noting other entrants, or Ryan McClead recently noting that he has "seen no fewer than 5 contract review applications in the last few months that promise to reduce processing time and increase accuracy by large percentages"). There is a lot of contract review work done, and it should be done much better than it is. That said, it's hard to get contract review software right. Our still-growing Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide has a lot more details. We welcome other companies that will help push contract provision extraction technology along.

Anyways, I enjoyed the ABA Journal article—check it out!

Technology rewires the drafting and reviewing of contracts

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