Kira Review Platform API

Kira Review Platform API allows enterprise IT teams to create integrations between their firm’s Kira account and other systems. It is a simple REST interface to automate access to Kira's core functionality, available either over the Internet or within a company’s corporate network.

Here are some example integrations you can implement with the Platform API:

  • Automate uploading documents to Kira from other systems. For example, poll a repository for documents that have certain properties, are located in certain folders, or belong to certain customers. Once the documents are in Kira, configure a template to search for desired clauses. With this approach, you can create ongoing review workflows for clients, or even maintain an up-to-date clause bank
  • Dynamically export results from “reviewed” documents in Kira into a document automation tool or expert system for further analysis
  • Upload documents from a Virtual Data Room, organize the folder structure in Kira, then push the documents and folders back to the VDR
  • Track usage of different parts of Kira in a variety of ways and display that data in a dashboard outside of Kira, such as projects by user or client-matter number, or simply how many projects are currently active

Currently available features include uploading and downloading documents, getting results for individual documents, seeing a list of documents for a project, and more. Technical documentation is available in our customer portal.

If you have additional questions about the Kira Review Platform API, please feel free to contact us at

Are you a developer interested in analyzing documents, but don't need the whole Kira Review Platform? Register for a beta invitation at Kira.AI.