Welcome to Kira Systems

Kira is a document analysis software platform powered by powerful machine learning artificial intelligence. Originally developed for contract review in M&A due diligence, Kira can now accurately identify and analyze virtually any provision in any contract.

How does Kira use machine learning? 

Our platform uses "provision models" which are basically pre-built searches that identify concepts in contracts. These provision models are built using IconSet1-67.pngmachine learning algorithms that have been heavily customized since the inception of our firm by our on-staff computer science PhDs.

Each provision in our system has been built on a foundation of examples of that provision, selected by our legal experts. Example contracts are uploaded to Kira and reviewed by one of our legal experts for instances of the provision. After processing the aggregate training data through our customized machine learning algorithms, we test the provisions for accuracy. Once satisfied, we release them to our customers for use.

Our users can build their own custom provision searches via Kira Quick Study, using the same intuitive and simple process that we use at Kira Systems to craft the built-in provisions.

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