Kira HighQ Integration


Connect Kira to HighQ using your HighQ API token

Generate an API token in HighQ and input the API credentials into Kira. This will connect Kira to your firm’s instance of HighQ.

HighQ integration - 1.png

Transfer documents from HighQ quickly and securely

The integration between Kira and HighQ enables the seamless transfer of documents and corresponding analysis between a HighQ Collaborate site and a Kira project. Once documents are transferred from HighQ, Kira automatically identifies and extracts selected provisions from the documents into a summary chart for analysis by the review team.

HighQ integration - 2.png

Export Kira analysis to HighQ

At any point during the review process, the review team can transfer back to HighQ the text and analysis of all relevant provisions, details about current project status, and any tagged risks that were identified in the review.

HighQ integration - 3.png

View HighQ iSheets and Files

Analysis from Kira will populate HighQ iSheets and the documents within the HighQ Files module. Keeping the document sharing and risk review platforms in sync simplifies client collaboration and enables firms to deliver better and more efficient legal service for their clients.

HighQ integration - 4.png

HighQ integration - 5.png