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Rob Warren, Kira Systems' Chief Data Scientist, at the Europeana Cloud Final Event

by: Andy Kim | May 2, 2016
2 min read

On April 7, Kira Systems' Chief Data Scientist, Rob Warren, spoke on the panel, "Good Problems to Have: Data Privacy and Security in the Cultural Sector," at the Final Plenary Meeting of the Europeana Cloud Project in the Hague, Netherlands, alongside Danielle Catteddu, CTO of Cloud Security Alliance and Arthur van der Wees, a lawyer focusing on technology. The panel discussed taking advantage of the relatively low barriers for cloud technologies in the cultural sector, as well as the implications of having data within different legal jurisdictions and the agency problems that the use of cloud vendors can create.

Rob Warren at the Europeana Cloud Final Event

Data protection concerns are central to Kira Systems' own business. Kira is architected to securely house sensitive data and in a way that achieves compliance with data sovereignty requirements. Kira offers jurisdiction-specific cloud environments, managed closely and diligently by our professionals. Alternatively, we can deliver a virtual machine for on site physical hosting that limits access to only firm personnel.

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