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New DiligenceEngine User Interface Launches!

by: Noah Waisberg | October 15, 2012
3 min read

We are constantly improving DiligenceEngine. Since our first test users tried the system, we have significantly improved our accuracy (to our current level of 90% or more on nearly every provision covered) and keep working to make this even better. We have added new provisions to the list the system is able to find (license grants and bankruptcy in recent times). We have tweaked our user interface to make the system even easier to use. And we have also put work into the business-side of the company, launching a new website, snazzy overview video, and made enhancements to our sales process. And more.

After a significant period of user study and feedback, I am happy to announce we have launched a new "Process Page" interface. The new Process Page will make it even easier to add documents to the system and access findings. It's attractive, right?:

Diligence Engine - Interface screenshot

We have always sought to have a system so intuitive it can be used without training. We spent a lot of time and effort on the first version of the Process Page making it really simple to use. But, after further study, we realized the system could be even easier to use. We hope you like it! And would love your feedback.

What Does This Mean For Current Users?

Current users will see their interface change to our newest one. All their data will be continue to be accessible, only it will be accessed through the new, easier to use Process Page. A first-time use tutorial will guide you through the changes (if desired). And we are always happy to help.

Does This Mean We Are "Launched"?

We still do not consider ourselves "launched" for business purposes. While our system is ready for client use (and being used), we still feel we have more improvement to make on the sales-side before we are ready for the attention of a launch. Our product works well. And we're getting closer to ready for a full launch. Today's interface upgrade is a step in that direction. Stay tuned. We're working to come out with the bang that we feel our outstanding technology deserves!

A Final Word on the New Interface

We are really excited about the new interface and hope our users will be too. Thank you to those who provided feedback that allowed us to figure out how to make our system easier to use. We know who you are and really appreciate your contribution. Also thanks to our tech team (especially Edward Zhang, who was principally responsible for creating the new interface) who worked hard to make this happen.

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