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BlackBerries 8x More Data-Efficient than Androids

by: Noah Waisberg | December 15, 2011
2 min read

We try to restrict ourselves on the DiligenceEngine Blog to discussing (1) legal tech and efficiency and (2) what we're up to. But sometimes we make exceptions. Like now. The upshot of much too much time on the phone with Verizon Wireless yesterday was this little tech (efficiency) nugget we thought we should share. And, since our users also likely have smartphones, it's not that much of a stretch!

According to a Verizon employee, Android devices use about eight times more data than BlackBerrys for identical tasks. That means the same email uses eight times more data on an Android than it would on a BlackBerry. Apparently iPhones are better than Androids in terms of data efficiency, but not as good as BlackBerries. Androids and iPhones have gotten reps for being data hogs, but I (like many, I would guess) assumed that this was because Android and iPhone users were taking advantage of their larger screens and consuming more downloaded content. Turns out that a main driver of their data-hoggage is device inefficiency. For what it's worth, BlackBerry itself promotes this virtue, though claims two–four times greater data-efficiency. And Google is apparently working on the Android data-inefficiency issue by allowing users to better see and manage their data use.


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