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Kira Systems' The Night Before New Year

Latham & Davis Polk Adopt Kira to Streamline Contract Review for M&A and Other Transactions

Banish Three Regulatory Ghosts with AI this Holiday Season

7 Articles to Help You Understand How AI Can Transform Your Legal Practice

Brexit: Ready or Not?

Noah Waisberg, Kira Systems' CEO and Co-founder, explores how to spot risks in the M&A process at the 2017 IBA Conference in Sydney

Kira Systems' Paul Leighton presents at the 13th Annual M&A Institute in Dallas, TX

Introducing Kira Document Classifier v.2

Mythbusters in New York City! Kira Systems will be in New York on September 14th to de-mystify machine learning through an ILTA Lunch and Learn session

Allens wins ILTA Innovative Project of the Year with Kira, Neota Logic and HighQ based solution REDDA

Why adopting technology for due diligence contract review is so critical right now

ILTACON 2017 is around the corner! Catch up on the latest in machine learning in Vegas.

Trends in European M&A deal terms and creating your own deal study with Kira

Myth Busting, Driving Adoption & Sharing Lessons Learned with Freshfields, Kemp Little & Mischcon de Reya

Artificial Intelligence in the M&A Process - Panel Presentation at Mergermarket

De-mystifying Machine Learning - Kira Systems is in Washington, D.C. on July 12th for an ILTA Lunch and Learn Session

Join us in London to hear peer firms talk about their experience in adopting Kira

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is India’s first law firm to embrace Artificial Intelligence Technology as part of Legal Innovation

More Efficient Lawyers = MORE Law, Not Less #DoMoreLaw

Do you want to work with hackers to help small businesses better use SaaS? Join ABA's Cyberspace Law Committee and Legal Analytics Working Group for the ABA Business Law Section's first Prototype Jam!

"Can elite law firms survive the rise of artificial intelligence?” asks a CNBC article. Noah Waisberg, CEO and co-founder of Kira Systems explains how.

#DoMoreLaw - How Efficiency Can Drive Growth

Re-live ILTACON 2016 with Kira Systems

ILTACON 2016 is here! Many chances to hear about machine learning contract analysis

AI Creates Higher Quality Jobs in the Legal Industry - Rob Warren, Kira Systems' Chief Data Scientist Spoke at University of Alberta

AI must be tailored to the problem at hand and guided by right person to be effective - Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems, on "Hot or Not - Watson and Beyond" Panel at CodeX FutureLaw

Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems, is speaking at CodeX FutureLaw Conference

Rob Warren, Kira Systems' Chief Data Scientist, spoke at the Europeana Cloud Final Event

Kira Systems Wins Legaltech News 2016 Innovation Award: Named Knowledge Management Software of the Year

What Is The Difference Between Contract Analysis And eDiscovery Software?  – Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part XV

Kira Systems' Deloitte Alliance featured in Legaltech News

"The Robots Are Coming for Wall Street," But Does That Mean They Will Take All The Jobs?

Kira Systems Featured on Dewey B Strategic

A Ray of Light for Contract Reviewers -   Weil Alumni Magazine's Q&A with Noah Waisberg, Kira Systems CEO and Co-Founder

Spotting Issues with Assignment Clauses in M&A Due Diligence

Kira Systems in The Lawyer's Special Report on Legal Technology – Rise of the Machines

What is Change of Control and How Does It Operate?

Kira Systems Unveils Intralinks® Integration

Kira Systems Road Tests Forthcoming API with Legal Hackers LA

Noah is speaking at the CBA Law Firm Leadership Conference in Calgary

Technology to Help the World Humanitarian Summit

Kira Diligence Engine Named International M&A Technology Product of the Year by ACQ Global Awards 2015

Noah is Speaking at TCLG in Toronto

Free Guide: Reviewing Change of Control & Assignment Provisions in Due Diligence

Kira is at ILTACON 2015 in Las Vegas

I Think Therefore I am a Lawyer? Implications of Lola v Skadden for Document Reviewers and their Computer Replacements

Noah is Speaking at CBA Legal Conference 2015 in Calgary

We are hiring a Junior Clojure Developer

We are hiring a Clojure/ClojureScript Developer

Noah Speaks at the Opening of LegalX!

One Ring to Rule Them All? Will IBM's Watson Transform Contract Review and Law Practice?

Using Machine Learning for Contract Review in Due Diligence and Corporate Contract Management

Kira Diligence Engine a Finalist for "New Product of the Year" in Legaltech News Innovation Awards

At the Inflection Point: the CMO's Role in Reinventing Law Firm Business Models

Kira is Partnering With Intralinks to Provide A Complete Due Diligence Solution

Kira is hiring a Marketing Coordinator!

Kira Joins Top Real Estate Tech Startups at Disrupt CRE New York

We're hiring an Operations Assistant

Recap of Noah and Nicole's "Will Your Next Lawyer Be A Machine?" Presentation at SXSW

Noah Speaking at SXSW Tomorrow!

DiligenceEngine is now Kira!

DiligenceEngine Covered in Lawyerist

DiligenceEngine in the Financial Post as a "Canadian legal tech darling"

We're Hiring a Financial Analyst

DiligenceEngine's Team is Getting Even Stronger: Former PLC US CEO Jeroen Plink has Joined as an Advisor and Board Member

Are you ready to be our first Sales Executive?

Noah Interviewed by GC Research Club

DiligenceEngine Included in "The Current State of Machine Intelligence"

DiligenceEngine Featured by NYU Law

DiligenceEngine in TechCrunch

Take the Plunge Out of Biglaw With Us—We're Hiring a Chief of Staff!

DiligenceEngine Featured in The ABA Journal

We're Hiring More!: Senior Linux Sysadmin

We're Hiring for a Clojure DevOps Engineer!

Audio/Slides of Noah's Talk at ILTA14 Online

DiligenceEngine in Above the Law

Noah Interviewed by David Bushby of Law Hackers

Non-Standard Contract Clause Detection is Easy to Build, Hard to Get Right — Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part XIV

My "More Efficient Future, Fewer Lawyers?" Talk at the International Legal Technology Association Conference

Noah Speaking at the International Legal Technology Association Conference

We're Hiring for Two New Clojure Jobs!

DiligenceEngine Mentioned in The American Lawyer

Do-It-Yourself Instructions on How to Add Non-Standard Clause Detection to Your Contract Metadata Extraction System — Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part XIII

Do-It-Yourself Instructions on How to Build an Automated Contract Provision Extraction System! — Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part XII

DiligenceEngine Covered in "Robert Ambrogi's LawSites"

DiligenceEngine Featured by The Canadian Bar Association "National" Magazine

Further Information on Why Who Instructs An Automated Contract Provision Extraction System Matters – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part XI

Noah Presenting at ReInvent Law

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Why Who Instructs An Automated Contract Provision Extraction System Matters – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part X

People Make Mistakes in Contract Review. Here's How.

DiligenceEngine in VentureBeat

DiligenceEngine Not Impacted by the Heartbleed SSL Bug

DiligenceEngine in The Globe and Mail

DiligenceEngine in Calgary—Noah Speaking at the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association National Conference

Automated Contract Review in The Wall Street Journal

DiligenceEngine Featured in Presentation on Legal Market Developments in Barcelona

Improving Contract Management and Analysis — Ron Friedmann

Machine Learning-Based Contract Provision Extraction on Poor Quality Scans – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide IX

Recent External Coverage of DiligenceEngine

Machine Learning Based Automated Contract Provision Extraction – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part VIII

Calling "Bullshit" About Changes to Lawyer Regulation

Foundations of Machine Learning-Based Contract Review Software – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part VII

Comparison- and Header Detection-Based Automated Contract Provision Extraction – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part VI

New DiligenceEngine Feature: Sharing

Is Law Firm Pedigree a Thing of the Past?

Manual Rule-Based Automated Provision Extraction Software Case Study: Mumboe – Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part V

Will "Robolawyers" Dominate The Future of Law?

No Rules: Problems With Rules-Based Contract Provision Extraction – Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part IV

How Automated Contract Provision Extraction Systems Find Relevant Provisions, And Why "How" Matters – Contract Review Software Buyer’s Guide Part III

What Contract Review Software Systems Do And Why They Exist – Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide Part II

New DiligenceEngine Public Website Pages

Contract Review Software Buyer's Guide – Introduction

Why Lawyers Should be Required to Keep Abreast of Relevant Technology

New DiligenceEngine Overview Video

DiligenceEngine's Alex & Noah interviewed at lawTechCamp2013

What is the "New Normal"? And Who gets Cut in It?

What's New: Document Viewer, Higher Accuracy, Indemnity Extraction and More

DiligenceEngine's Alex and Noah Presenting at lawTechCamp 2013 on June 8th

Following the Same Tack to Mediocrity

How We Test DiligenceEngine's Accuracy

We're Hiring a Clojure Web Developer

Legal Automation: Career Alternative for Laid-Off Law Firm Partners?

The Future Is Coming to Corporate Law Practice, Like It Or Not

Force Majeure—What It Is, When & Why These Clauses Matter, And How We Can Help You Find Them Quickly

Did We Mention That DiligenceEngine Dramatically Speeds Up Legal Due Diligence Contract Review? (in case Sandy has anyone needing to catch-up)

New DiligenceEngine User Interface Launches!

How Law Firm CIOs Can Make Corporate Associates Happy

How Accurate is DiligenceEngine at Finding Contract Provisions?

Tapping Out Our Story: New DiligenceEngine Website

Where Legal Jobs are Going to Be

How to Cheat at Due Diligence

Is Lawyer Regulation Killing Law Firms?

My Co-Worker is a Robot: The [Coming] Age of Legal Informatics Presentation Video

DiligenceEngine's Alex & Noah Presenting at lawTechCamp May 12th

Is Your Due Diligence Accuracy a "Known-Known"?

We're looking for a Clojure Developer!

We're looking for a Clojure Software Developer!

We're looking for a Web Designer!

April Fools! Or Not.

Is Technology Making Us Dumber?

Pub Crawls and Information Overload

Stepping Out!

How to Compete with Increasingly-Powerful Technology

Will New Technology Kill Off Junior Lawyer Jobs?

BlackBerries 8x More Data-Efficient than Androids

Better Legal Training is Only Part of the Problem

AI: Threat or Opportunity for Lawyers?

Solving the "First-Year Dilemma"

Software is Writing News Articles. Here's Why Lawyers Should Care

Reading Carol Bartz's Employment Contracts

Making Junior Lawyers Better Value

Law Firms Make More Money Being More Efficient

The End of Lawyers?


Automating Law

Issues Considered in Legal Due Diligence

Low-End Work in High-End Law

"Legal Due Diligence" Explained

Providing Great Legal Services Goes Beyond Providing Great Legal Advice

Biglaw Tries "In-Sourcing," Profits and Good Jobs Ensue

Will the "future legal marketplace" need less lawyers?

Programming Law

We're Hiring: Web Application Developer

What is "Due Diligence"?

"A less gilded future"?


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