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New DiligenceEngine Public Website Pages

by: Noah Waisberg | September 6, 2013
2 min read

I'm happy to report that the DiligenceEngine website is much more descriptive than before.

The main splash pages now give a deeper explanation of our system, taking viewers through some empirical evidence of our measurable impact on contract review speed and accuracy (more details to come on this), then describing how our system works with text and screenshots.

The How It Works tab gives some detail on how our system actually works, as well as how we build our automated provision detection models. It also gives situations when our system is useful and reasons why you might choose to use it. And, finally, it briefly explains why you should choose DiligenceEngine over other contract review systems. Especially ones with manual rules based provision detection models. Essentially, if you are reviewing contracts, you probably care about doing the work accurately. Manual rules based systems should give accurate results on documents you have in advance (such as form agreements), but are likely to underperform on unfamiliar agreements. M&A due diligence is all about unfamiliar agreements you don't have in advance. And so is much contract management database population work. If you're considering a system in this area, and you care about accuracy, you should check ours out. Two other automated contract provision extraction systems are primarily rules based, so this really is something to look out for.

The Company page gives some info on what we're about as a business, and also includes brief bios for Alex and me (who run the company).

And the site still includes a quick demo video showing our system in action.

We're not finished with our website, but think the new pages are a step in the right direction.

Interested in knowing more, seeing a demo, or trying the system? Sign up or get in touch!

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